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General Contracting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does Roberts General Contracting offer?

    We provide a wide range of services, including roof installation, roof repair, siding installation, gutter replacement, general contracting services, and storm damage repair.

  • What sets Roberts General Contracting apart as a general contractor?

    Our commitment to excellence, experienced team, and dedication to delivering top-notch general contracting services distinguish us in the industry.

  • Do you handle residential roofing projects?

    Yes, we specialize in residential roofing, ensuring your home is well-protected with high-quality roofing solutions.

  • Can I hire Roberts General Contracting for commercial roofing projects?

    Absolutely! We offer commercial roofing services, catering to businesses and organizations looking for reliable roofing solutions.

  • How can I schedule a roof installation with Roberts General Contracting?

    Simply contact us at (405) 633-2205, and our team will assist you in setting up your roof installation project.

  • What types of roof repair services do you offer?

    We handle various roof repair needs, from fixing leaks to addressing storm damage, ensuring your roof remains in excellent condition.

  • Tell me more about your siding installation services.

    Our siding installation services enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of your property. Reach out to us for details.

  • Are your gutter replacement services suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

    Yes, we offer gutter replacement for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring effective water drainage.

  • What is involved in storm damage repair by Roberts General Contracting?

    Our storm damage repair services encompass prompt and efficient restoration to protect your property from further damage.

  • Can I trust Roberts General Contracting for exterior home improvement projects?

    Indeed, our expertise extends to exterior home improvement, enhancing your property’s overall look and functionality.

  • Is Roberts General Contracting licensed and insured?

    Yes, we are a licensed and insured general contractor, prioritizing safety and compliance in every project.

  • How long does a typical roof installation project take to complete?

    The duration of a roof installation project can vary based on factors like the size and complexity, but we work efficiently to meet deadlines.

  • Do you offer free estimates for your services?

    Yes, we provide free estimates to help you plan your project and budget effectively.

  • What materials do you use for roof installations and repairs?

    We use high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and performance of your roof, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Can you assist with insurance claims for storm damage repair?

    Yes, we have experience in dealing with insurance claims and can help streamline the process for your convenience.